We are gathered to make it happen.

First time to go into muddy rice field.

Never knew before, the warmth, and the density of mud.

Didn’t know how powerless young plants seems to be.

Hope the root can grip the ground.

And the first time to see how onions goes,

Will come back shortly, in July.

Dreaming the day of the harvesting.

The moon has phases because it orbits Earth. (So why?)
Pourquoi la lune change de forme? Parce qu’il satellise la terre. (Ben, quoi?)

The moon phases book helps a lot.
Le bouquin des phases de lune. Il m’aide beaucoup.
「月の満ちかけ絵本」 最近よくこの本で調べてます。

Harvesting, precious moment of farming.
C’est le moissonnant que le moment précieux de l’agriculture.

TENKO MORI, full of basket. Personally wanting something salty.
Trop de “TENKO MORI” fraise. Personnellement le besoin quelque chose salée.

KIX Kansai airport was so close.
C’était près de l’aéroport KIX Kansai international.