cafe panorama, centre de stockholm

I was in hurry and almost running because I had only 50minutes to walk around stockholm central.
Finally, I found the building which I was looking for after 15 minutes of runnning.
J’étais me presse et j’ai courir parce que j’ai seulment 50minutes pour visiter centre de stockholm.
Enfin, J’ai trouvé le batiment que j’ai cherché aprés 15 minutes.

It is called “cafe panorama”.
It took 10 minutes to wait for the coffe and I was quite sure that it would take another 15 minutes to go back to the hotel so that I spent 10 minutes to drink a coffee there.
C’est le cafe panorama.
Il y a 10 minutes pour attendre le cafe et j’ai pencé que il y a 15 minutes pour retour à hotel, donc J’ai 10 minutes pour boir le cafe.


  1. I think everything in Sweden (street, building, funiture, toys, and people) were so nice. I am not joking!

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