uppsala -terminal velocity-

uppsala is the 4th biggest city in sweden.
there are so much of bicycles instead of cars.

uppsala est 4eme grand ville en Suéde.
Il y a beaucoup des vélos et pas beaucoup des voitures.

people concern a lot about the environment because they know that the country they live is one of the most beautiful and they do want to keep it for long.
that’s why lives of people in Sweden are quite clean and sofisticated.

les gens en suéde veulent maintenir la nature parce que ils sauvent le pays que ils habitent est le plus beau.
alors, la vie en suéde est trés propre.

located on scandinavia, they have long and frozing winter.
In the summertime, people are eager to take a shower of sunlight.

ils ont hiver longue et froid en scandinavia.
En été, ils prendrent un bain de soleil fréquemment.

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