nishinomiya – parc shukugawakouen

elle chante dans le parc shukugawakouen.
at shukugawakouen-park, sumire is singing.

dernier visite pour ce magazine, c’été avant 4 ans.
it was four years ago when I visited this wedding dress shop last time.

J’ai regardé l’intérieur du magasin de la rue avec ma famme et petite fille.
Les vendeurs nous ont trouvés et nous ont laissés ener.
I was standing in front of the shop with my wife and daughter, then found that stuffs in the shop recognized us and let us enter.


  1. Kazu! Thank you so much for dropping by the final installment of my blog. I will surely be checking yours quite often as I am inspired by your work…

    As well, there is a strong possibility that I may be in Japan in November. I hope to see the red leaves of Kyoto if I do come.

    Keep in touch!

  2. wow you’ve got a great chance,
    I do recommend you to get Japan Rail Pass if you are planning to take trains in Japan.


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