100 jour après la naissance

3 de nous avons visiteé le temple ashiya-jinja.
3 of us visited ashiya-jinja.

faisons un souhait sur le petit plat.
make a wish on the small plate.

célébrons le 100 jour après la naissance de sumire.
celebrate the 100th day after sumire’s birth.


  1. it’s silly I can’t see the pics! I’m sure they are beautiful!^^

    is the 100th day after the birth mean something special in Japan? My friend and I love Japan a lot, he even want to live in Kyoto!

    Have a good day.

  2. After sending my comment I’ve seen the 2 first pictures! They are very beautiful! Is that you in the first one?

  3. Hi Leila,
    yes, I am in the first picture.
    Life in Kyoto is very special, even for japanese..
    I lived there before and now I’m working in Kyoto!!
    the baby’s 100th day, it is a tradition in Japan, we hope the baby will have plenty of food through the life.


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